“I was so impressed with a few of the students that I would like to discuss job placement.”

I believe these students have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace because they focused on developing various land plan models that were validated by economic feasibility studies.

— C.M. (stakeholder)

“It was a perfect blend of academics and real world knowledge.”

The [CDDL] studio showcased a range of features in terms of conservation, sustainability and economic development. All of which made it possible to extract the necessary pieces for a model that functions in a real time economic environment.

— C.L. (stakeholder)

“This award represents the best of our profession’s visionary thinking – inspired by our profession’s dream of creating more resilient and verdant places to work and play.  We look forward to seeing the results of this research and continuing AIA’s commitment.”

— The American Institute of Architects, Decade of Design Post-Award Announcement


“Great work produced through this process.”

In working alongside NC State’s Coastal Dynamics Design Lab, our team was delighted by the student’s layered approach to thinking about design and resilience, leading us to some great new ideas for planning our project.

— D.C. (stakeholder)

“Very beneficial and educational.”

I am grateful for taking part in this experience and wish nothing but continued success in the important endeavors that lie ahead for the NC State College of Design and Coastal Dynamics Design Lab.

— G.G. (stakeholder)


“This was invaluable to our community.”

The project expanded our ability to think creatively about possible solutions to the very real challenges we face with respect to climate change.

— L.H. (stakeholder)