Project Summary

Princeville is a small town with a national story; it has a singular history as the oldest incorporated black town in America.

The town is poised to rebuild after Hurricane Matthew (2016) based on the vision of a future where Princeville’s history is visible and its streets are alive with residents and visitors. The Greater Princeville report report seeks to describe—and to offer advice for implementing—part of that vision as it has been shared with faculty and students from the NC State College of Design during 18 months of work, research, and conversation with Princeville residents, officials, and supporters. Achievable design measures are proposed for both the short and long term that could help to share Princeville’s story with new audiences and to position the town as a cultural and recreational destination. The report provides references and resources for community stakeholders; for residents seeking evidence of the work that’s been done and what may come next; and for all the people and institutions who want to help Princeville rebuild and who could use some concrete ideas about how to get started.



Merit Award: Planning & Analysis
ASLA SE Regional Conference | 2019

Funding Sources

ChangeLab Solutions (direct sponsor) + Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (prime sponsor)

North Carolina Community Foundation (prime sponsor)

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