Project Summary

As the human footprint continues to expand into both ecologically and socio-economically fragile areas, ethical concerns of purpose are being magnified to greater extents as they particularly pertain to new developments. The 842-acre project site in Brunswick County, North Carolina presents a unique opportunity to cultivate a more holistic way of analyzing sites and planning for future residential neighborhoods in increasingly sensitive environments.

Of particular significance for the project site was its relationship with hydric landscapes and to Brunswick County’s rich agricultural history. This project aimed not only to identify these correlations, but also to provide speculative recommendations as to how these influences could be realized via responsive and responsible physical design. The resulting landscape planning scenarios infuses aspects of conservation development, agrarian neighborhoods (aka, “agri-hoods”) and agricultural research hubs with comprehensive site analysis and planning. These processes  resulted in an overall approach to development that sensitively responds to the site, development interests and investors, community needs (economics, recreation, etc.) and, most importantly, to Brunswick County’s cultural narrative.


Funding Source

NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc.


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