Project Summary

The CDDL works across a large geographic region. The lab’s projects are distributed along the North Carolina coast in both urban and non-developed areas. Mobility and connectivity are essential to effectively conducting research, teaching, and design in situ, over longer periods of time, and in remote locations. This requires specialized equipment, materials, and supplies that can travel with the researchers, students, and stakeholders working with the lab. In our multi-faceted approach to site analysis and design, we deploy a quad-copter to capture aerial images, kayaks to observe and document shoreline environments, and GIS systems that log critical data for use in design exercises. The equipment is cumbersome to transport and is sensitive to inclement weather conditions. The DUMoRe will consolidate field operations and extend the lab’s research and community engagement capabilities.

The unit will become a mobile hub for engaging collaborators, collecting data, and presenting work in locations that are currently out of range. Designed and outfitted properly, the DUMoRe can generate on-site electricity, house computer design and prototyping workstations, facilitate group design and presentation sessions with marker, pin-up, and projection boards, and store materials and supplies. Additionally, racks on the unit will hold and deliver bikes and kayaks to sites.


Funding Source

NC State College of Design FRPD Grant


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